Corporate Retirement Plans

Securing your employees' future

A meticulously crafted 401(k) plan ensures a prosperous future for both you and your employees

You prioritize your employees' well-being, recognizing that a retirement plan is pivotal for their financial prosperity and your company's success.

We share this commitment to empowering your employees and pledge to act as fiduciaries in your best interests.

Partnering with Vitality ensures simplicity, transparency, and cost-effectiveness for your company's retirement plan.

Comprehensive Solution

By partnering with leading industry service providers, we address all your retirement plan requirements, from administration and record-keeping to enrollment, investment management, and guidance. If you prefer to retain your existing relationship with a third-party administrator (TPA), we can accommodate that too.


Vitality Wealth Advisors will:

  • Relieve the responsibility of retirement plan administration
  • Serve as a fiduciary and advisor
  • Educate your employees
  • Provide cost-effective plans and investment portfolios
  • Offer and manage a wide range of investment choices

We're Here to Assist

When employees join a 401(k) plan, they're often confronted with lengthy, disorganized lists of fund choices and investment selections. We offer participants well-defined, suitably diversified portfolios, professionally managed for clarity. Crucially, they receive personalized guidance from a fiduciary advisor.

Our financial advisors offer comprehensive support to educate your employees on the benefits of your 401(k) plan. This encompasses group and individual sessions, investment advice, and beyond. We prioritize areas that enhance plan participation and savings rates.

We Shoulder the Accountability

As a plan sponsor, you bear fiduciary obligations to your plan participants, held to the standards of investment professionals. By engaging Vitality, we assume fiduciary responsibility, crafting investment choices aligned with your participants' best interests.

Wealth Management involves the Integration of Planning and Investing

Financial planning and investments are intertwined. Pursuing one without the other is akin to navigating a boat without a rudder – directionless. Our wealth management approach integrates personalized financial planning and investment management, ensuring alignment with your unique financial circumstances.

Together, we build a personalized financial blueprint, laying the foundation for a lasting relationship with our seasoned wealth management firm. This fusion of comprehensive financial planning and investment expertise allows us to provide unparalleled total wealth management services to our clients.

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Independent and Objective

As an independent Advisor, we offer thorough, impartial investment guidance. Our fees are transparent, calculated as a percentage of plan assets, and are never influenced by the funds we recommend to your employees.

This ensures the funds we select are genuinely aligned with your participants' objectives. In essence, our financial advisory services for company retirement plans are tailored to help you discover the solutions that best suit your needs and your company's objectives.

Join us at Vitality Wealth Advisors and let's embark on a journey of financial empowerment and fulfillment together. Your dreams are our mission, and your prosperity is our purpose.