Who we are

Our Philosophy

Emphasis On Risk-Managed Investing

  • Deliver competitive returns
  • Limit large losses/drawdowns
  • Risk-managed approach
  • Boutique and brand name managers
  • Blend strategic, tactical, active, and passive
  • Implement strategy diversification
  • Focus on goals-based performance, not benchmark chasing

Wealth Management

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Shane Wayland


Operational Support

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Corrine Ferrari

Employee Wealth Engagement Specialist

Behind The Scene Partners

Our extensive support staff, including compliance specialists, analysts, product design specialists, and many others, collaboratively ensure the seamless functioning of your financial strategies. Their expertise and commitment contribute to the robust foundation of our services, allowing us to provide you with the highest standard of financial care. Rest assured that our behind-the-scenes professionals are diligently working to enhance and safeguard your financial well-being