Corporate Solutions

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New Age 401K Planning

Have you ever questioned the expense of paying a company to "manage" your 401k plan, especially when their level of active oversight is questionable? The conventional method of setting up a 401k and leaving it untouched is no longer effective. Our advisors take a hands-on approach, ensuring that every employee is strategically invested in the 401k program, aligning with their individual retirement objectives. This way, we work to ensure they are on track to meet their personal retirement goals.

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New Age Healthcare

We have the ability to significantly reduce your company's expenses. By providing the spouses and children of your employees with a healthcare option that comes at a much lower cost compared to enrolling them in the company's major medical program, we can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. This not only benefits the company but also translates to significant monthly savings for your employees.

Furthermore, if your company currently doesn't have a healthcare program in place, we can help implement one without incurring any costs for the employer.